18 and up

What do you do with your free time? Do you even have free time?

Is your health and happiness taking a back seat to life constant pressures? 

Martial arts is much more than punching and kicking, it’s also a way to achieve better mental, emotional and spiritual health.

We all face the pressures of life and maintaining a sense of wellness can be difficult. Our classes give you a temporary escape from everything, it is a place you can just focus on becoming a healthier, happier, more balanced individual.

Young or old, big or small, everyone has something to gain from our classes. We believe you should have the ability to defend yourself and your family in any situation. You will build the skills to respond to threats automatically and get a great workout while you’re at it.

  • We drill individual skills such as blocks, kicks, punches and takedowns, moving on to situational techniques. 

  • Our self defense classes are both fun and challenging, you will get a hands on training experience and the confidence to know you can count on your martial arts when it matters most.

  • Although we strive to have a realistic training environment, we do not allow bullying of any sort. RESPECT for each other and classroom SAFETY is top priority.

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